Specialists in Subdivision Settlements

In order for New Titles to be issued at the completion of a subdivision project a separate Application needs to be lodged at Landgate. This process is best undertaken by experienced Settlement Agents who specialise in subdivision Titles Applications and who are also well versed in the Strata Titles Act. Some types of Titles Applications can only be lodged by Licensed Settlement Agents.

TLD Settlements is a Licensed Settlement Agency located within The Land Division’s (TLD) office. As a result there is daily contact between Settlement and Subdivision staff in regards to how subdivisions are progressing, timing of lodgements and any particular peculiarities. Original subdivision executed documents such as Notifications are handed in person to our Settlements Agents for joint lodgement.

TLD Settlements currently handles 150-200 Titles Applications per year making it one of the most experienced agencies focusing on Titles Applications in the Perth metropolitan area.

The result is an efficient and seamless service from subdivision through to issue of New Titles under the one roof.

Why choose TLD Settlements

  • Licensed and insured
  • Subdivision specialists
  • New titles
  • Modify single dwelling restrictive covenants
  • Change of ownership structure via disposition or transfer
  • Stamp duty advice
  • Boundary changes
  • Understand bank requirements
  • Knowledge of Landgate requirements
  • Experienced in complex and simple subdivisions
  • Streamlined
  • Up to date on current changes

For more information visit tldsettlements.com.au

“No other company offers this level of expertise and streamlined service for subdivision projects. TLD is in the know at every step from surveying and town planning through to the issue of Titles and settlement.”

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