The process for a conversion to survey-strata is relatively straight forward as the land is already subdivided, so we are able to bypass the Local Government and the Western Australian Planning Commission. The surveyor will review the scheme to ensure it complies with Town Planning requirements and may create easements where needed.

All owners in the strata scheme, as well as any banks or other registered parties will also need to consent to the conversion. Banks generally don’t have a problem with strata conversions as they recognise that survey strata is a more desirable form of subdivision.

Main points to consider: The Strata Titles Act pre 1998 did not provide an option for survey-strata. Some older strata plans were not able to allocate ownership of the land outside the buildings to the owners in the scheme. Where strata plans were created before 1998 the conversion to survey-strata or merger by resolution option enables owners in these older schemes to update the scheme to a more desirable title.


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