Once construction is complete and the strata plan drafted, The Land Division will prepare the strata applications (BA Forms) for you. The signed forms can then be returned to our office, scanned copies are fine.

We will keep in contact with you and Council to ensure applications are processed smoothly.


Send it all to us, we’ll take care of it!

  • BA7 Notice of Completion (signed by the builder)
  • BA15 Application for Strata (signed by the owners)
  • BA18 Certificate (prepared by building surveyor)

Multi-tier or Commercial development? Then we need:

  • BA7 Notice of Completion (signed by the builder)
  • BA11 Application for Occupancy-Strata (signed by the owners)
  • BA18 Certificate (prepared by building surveyor)
  • Form 24 Application (signed by the owners)
  • BA9 Application for occupancy (signed by the owners)
  • BA17 Certificate (prepared by building surveyor)


A BA18 Certificate of Building Compliance is also required, this confirms that there are no obvious departures from the original building approval and the building is safe to occupy.

To obtain a Certificate of Building Compliance please engage a suitably qualified Building Surveyor to carry out an inspection of the property, usually in association with your builder.

We will submit the BA18 Certificate to Council along with our application. If required we can arrange to have the Building Surveyors services included in our fee – ask us for more information.

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