Survey Strata Green Title Subdivision

We don’t cross our fingers

Whether you're a seasoned property developer considering a large-scale development or a first timer looking to subdivide your backyard, The Land Division has the experience, knowledge and a vast network of contacts to help ensure faster approvals and a hassle-free experience.

When we submit an application to the WAPC or local government, we submit the plans with the confidence that they’ve been looked over by a former WAPC Senior Planner. But even then, we don’t consider our job finished. We keep a close eye on all applications through the approval process. On several occasions, our proactive approach has resulted in avoiding expensive conditions being imposed.

Survey Strata

The majority of WAPC subdivisions that The Land Division undertakes are survey strata which is primarily due to the location of sewer mains and power infrastructure. The properties are owned separately but form part of a group and often involve some common property. One of the main difference between a survey strata plan and a conventional strata plan is the buildings are not defined on a survey strata plan. Many clients also opt for Survey Strata as their lenders will not provide construction finance for the development of units until such time that new titles are issued. Survey Strata shares some similarities with Green Title. Survey Strata lots are created under the Strata Titles Act 1985.

Green Title

A green title is the common name given to the traditional block of land, which is not affected by owners of adjoining properties. Green titled lots are created under the Transfer of Land Act 1893. The reason it is referred to as ‘green title’ is simply because the sketch on the certificate of title used be shaded in a green colour.