Built Strata

A Strata Title (commonly referred to as a Built Strata) is the division of an existing building into two or more strata title units. Projects such as duplexes, multi-unit residential buildings and commercial/industrial buildings fall into this category.

Strata title is a form of ownership in which the unit owners have a share in the title.

As the buildings on the land are integral in the Landgate plan, this form of Strata Tile is referred to “Built Strata”. As a consequence the buildings which form part lots in the scheme will need to be completed prior to the registration of the strata plan, and these buildings need to be certified under the Building Act. This usually means a Building Surveyor certifies the building and this certification is reviewed by the local Authority to confirm the buildings meet the Building and Development plans issued. Local Authority and Landgate auditing of the Strata Plan prepared by the Licensed Surveyor is required.

For advice on re-subdividing existing schemes to terminating schemes call us for assistance.

Types of Strata subdivisions:

  • Single tier (eg duplex, triplex, townhouse)
  • Multi-tier (2 storey apartments to high rise complex)
  • Strata re-subdivision and consolidation
  • Termination of a strata scheme
  • Vacant strata lot subdivision
  • Staged strata development
  • Merger by resolution